And now a month

Hi Musers!

im sorry it’s been a month. Due to it being winter here, the horrid flu made the rounds and didn’t leave us unaffected.

Stitching was done albeit slowly, do this is what I was able to get done.


Page 4 on Golden Temple is complete.


A gift was stitched, fully finished and sent. This was a freebie shared on Facebook called Fibro Butterfly.



This Paris kit was sent to me by a stitching friend who had it in her stash and loves it but doesn’t feel like she’ll ever get around to stitching it so I volunteered to stitch it for her and send it back for her to enjoy on her walk instead of in a box 🙂

I didn’t get any progress on Maharajah as my head really wasn’t feeling like dealing with confetti. But I did get some stash finally! I haven’t had hardcopy charts for 2 years, and I can finally say I have plenty to choose from.


This batch I bought from a shop in America that sells exclusively over Facebook called ‘The Whole Stitch and Caboodle’. The Stoney Creek Winter Welcome Sampler andthe Lizzie Kate were gifts, which Im extremely thankful for.


These gorgeous booklets I purchased from a lady on a Facebook crossstitch sale site. My first ever Paula Vaughn, I love her pieces so I’m so excited to start this at some point


This one comes to me from our very own

I was lucky enough to win one of the parts of her latest giveaway and will treasure this booklet immensely.

I do have 1 more purchase on its way to me and then I must kit up some of these before buying anymore. Being on a somewhat limited budget it’s been great to get some pretties but I must be careful and I have plenty of hours to enjoy in these 😄

And i think that’s about it for this time. I do promise not to takeso long now that the winter germs have departed with the warmer weather. So for now,

happy Stitching!


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